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So who is Jenni?

Jenni is an herbalist , author, keynote speaker, trainer, radio program, entrepreneur, voiceover talent, & co owner- Hick’s Place. Jenni also specializes in women empowerment, basic gun safety and education as well as basic self defense.

When you book award-winning self-made business owner Jenni Laughlin Stevenson for your next event as your keynote speaker, she brings the simple life to you. Jenni can tend you through the process of change management and business ethics; planting the seeds of personal and professional leadership until that breakthrough moment that leads to a greater yield within you. Jenni is dynamic, energizing, and inspirational. You will be left ripe for growth and change, increased job satisfaction, improved customer service, and enriched interpersonal relationships; which will lead to a harvest of increased revenue.

Jenni has been through a section of life’s dustiest roads that have brought out her determination, drive for knowledge, and inspired her life adventures; which was to cultivate her dream in the midwest which she calls Hick’s Place. She is from the heartland of America and lives on an acreage where Midwest work ethics propel her forward.

Now, Jenni is a business owner, author, former radio-host, and CEO of Award-Winning Hick’s Place. Jenni brings her perspective from her experience in mental health and chilsd welfare services where she created crisis intervention programs and traveled Iowa providing Ethics educational training and evaluative business consulting services to every keynote she gives. Time with Jenni is time well-spent.

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