Mom and Pop shops are hard to keep going during these times….

To have a dream and make it your life is one the hardest, most challenging, beautiful things to do in a lifetime. Our dream only came to life because of all of you booking your adventures with us and sharing our news. Wow, we have made some amazing memories together, haven’t we? Just thinking about you all driving up our long drive or seeing us out in the community brings tears to my eyes.

Covid sure was hard on all of us on so many different levels. Things after the shutdown still feel so different and with the cost of everything rising, can any of us keep up?

That brings me to the most heart-wrenching part of this message.

Our lines of credit have dried up due to financial losses caused by the pandemic and its continued impact on us. We just kept pushing through thinking it was all going to work out, it just had to. But now we are left with the reality of the situation along with also trying to find new business insurance.

So here we are:

Weddings that have already been booked will still go on as planned, however we will not be booking anything else. Those who have laser tag events or park rentals booked, I will reach out to you individually to outsource the events with the hopes of keeping it going on your end.

I am honestly crushed, and my spirit is broken. Hick is doing all he can to help me through it as he works through this himself. Thank you all for your love, support and understanding. I’m a little lost right now so if you see me in public, I might break down… so, there’s that. One thing I will be forever grateful for is all of you and all our memories. Thank you all.

Love, Jenni & Hick